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Learn more about how you can safeguard your profession and while doing so, receive CEU toward certification or licensing!

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  3. Informed Consent Correspondence Course for only $90.00 USD
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After completing the correspondence courses, you may sign up for the spiritual Basic Skills Coaching Practicum. By registering, you understand that it is a 5 week program that is scheduled when 4 or more people are ready to participate and that it will require additional work on your part. Please note that there are no refunds once you receive the Coaching Practicum links.


Basic Spiritual Coaching Skills Workshop - $225.00 USD


Class CANCELED, 06/08/2017

NEXT CLASS - Thursday 08/03/17 - 7 PM EDT

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**Note: if 3-4 people request a specific time, it is possible to form a special class

To contact Instructor Jackie Olsen, LSHC - healercoach @ gmail.com (no spaces) or call

269-685-8816 during business hours



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