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About Healer Coach Workshops

Healer Coach™ is a proprietary trade name of the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards (FSHLB). The member licensing boards of the Federation are dedicated to helping spiritual healers of all religions and spiritual paths practice their spiritual healing according to their spiritual beliefs and practices. The Federation does not discriminate against any religion or spiritual path. The members of the Federation do not discriminate against any person based on their color, creed, financial status, race, sex, sexual preferences or personal life style.

Please see the FSHLB website for more information about member organizations and accredited instructors.

Basic Procedures

  • You begin with the correspondence portion - lessons online and emailed in -- (work at your own pace) and once done, or nearly completion you may join a coaching practicum.
  • After payment you receive a thank you page with links (be sure to bookmark) to the lessons. You can begin immediately if you wish. Upon completion you mail them in to hc@ntcw.net ).
    The Coaching practicum is a 5 week teleconference for about an hour (or hour and a half if there are 9 participants) 1x week with the facilitator/instructor.
  • Classes may be scheduled at 1 PM EDT, 7 PM EDT on Wednesdays or Thursdays; or1 PM or 4 PM EDT on Sundays. We must have a minimum of 4 people to schedule a workshop.
  • You also meet with your group 1x/week for an hour to practice for a total of 5 times.
  • The 5th session is the oral coaching exam and practicum.
  • If you pass, you may then apply for the Spiritual Healer License.


Contact Us

For questions about the Basic Spiritual Coaching Skills Workshop contact Healer Coach - Instructor is Jackie Olsen, LSHC or call during business hours 269- 204 - 2936

For additional information email us at headquarters

For questions about correspondence courses contact Academy 4 Coaching

For questions about certification please contact NTCB

For questions about spiritual healer licensing contact FSHLB

Contact the Coaching Secretary - for questions on website links payments, assignments: By e-mail at ntcoach@ gmail.com (without spaces between letters & symbols) - 800-838-1931, ext. 4




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