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Basic Coaching Skills Workshop


Class CANCELED, 06/08/2017

NEXT CLASS - Thursday 08/03/17 - 7 PM EDT

Enrollment limited - Payment ensures your space.

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***Note: if 3-4 people request a specific time, it is possible to form a special class

The Basic Spiritual Coaching Skills Workshop (1 hour - 1 1/2 hours per week) teaches the following skills over five weeks of telephone conference calls with your group and the Coach Instructor or Facilitator. You will also meet for an additional hour during the week with your individual group:

  1. How to actively listen to empower others and stimulate discussion.
  2. How to reflectively listen to identify empowering emotions.
  3. How to use the short chat format to encourage others to share more deeply.
  4. How to Effectively Support, Endorse, and encourage others to make a decision and take action.
  5. How to Effectively Offer Choices, Make Requests, and give Assignments to help others make better decisions.
  6. Your practicum to bring all these skills together to make them work for you.
  7. Spiritual Healing Discussions - open to all paths

To contact Instructor Jackie Olsen, LSHC - healercoach @ gmail.com (no spaces) or 269 685-8816 EST during business hours

Topics of discussion include all of the topics covered in the following correspondence courses, which are purchased separately:

  1. Professional Practices
  2. Professional Ethics
  3. Creating Your Own Informed Consent Form
  4. All courses must be completed within 90 days

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Special Short-time Offer

The Basic Coaching Skills Workshop which normally sells for $595.00 USD is being offered to qualified students for only $225.00 per student. You must complete the Professional Ethics/Practices/Informed Insent Form correspondence courses to be qualified. If you have most of the coursework done, consideration will be given.

If you have:

  1. Registered for the three correspondence courses listed above, and
  2. Completed or almost completed the courses in the past three months, and
  3. We offer you the Basic Coaching Skills Workshop for only $225.00 USD, but
  4. This offer expires 90 days after you order the correspondence courses listed above



By registering, you understand that it is a 5 week program that is scheduled when 4 or more people are ready to participate and that it will require additional work on your part. Please note that there are no refunds once you receive the Coaching Practicum links. You must take the class within 90 days of registration, unless arrangements have been made.




Please note the following procedures:

  • You begin with the correspondence portion - lessons online and emailed in -- (work at your own pace) and once done, or nearly completion you may join a coaching practicum.
  • After payment you receive a thank you page with links (be sure to bookmark) to the lessons. You can begin immediately if you wish. Upon completion you mail them in to admin@a4coach.net ).
  • The Coaching practicum is a 5 week teleconference for about an hour and a half 1x week with the facilitator/instructor.
  • Classes may be scheduled at 1 PM EDT, 7 PM EDT on Wednesdays; or 4 PM EDT on Sundays. We must have a minimum of 4 people to schedule a workshop.
  • You also meet with your group 1x/week for an hour or more to practice for a total of four or five times.
  • The 5th session is the oral coaching exam and practicum.
  • If you pass, you may then apply for the Spiritual Healer License with the FSHLB



This Basic Coaching Skills Workshop is accredited by the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB), the Natural Therapies Certification Board of Europe (NTCBEU), the Natural Therapies Certification Board of Australasia (NTCBAA) the Certified Detoxification Therapist Certification Board (CDTCB) and the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards (FSHLB). Completion of this workshop is earns 45 CEUs which are accepted by these boards.

This Basic Coaching Skills Workshop is endorsed by the American Association of Spiritual Healers and Coaches (AASHC), the Biofeedback Association of North America (BANA), the International Academy of Certified Detoxification Therapists (IACDT), The Medical Biofeedback Association Credentialing Board (MBACB) and The Natural Therapies Certification Board of North America (NTANA). We appreciate their endorsement.